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GeoExplo has a training service adapted to professionals and users of geophysics. Our training courses are intended for technicians, engineers and project managers of all levels, working in various fields of geosciences:

  • Mining research
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • Hydrogeology
  • Environmental studies and geological risks
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Archaeological excavations


Download GeoEXplo training catalogue here.


In addition to the inter-company training sessions organized by GeoExplo from time to time, we  provide you with intra-company trainings with customized content better adapted to your needs, making trainings more effective.

Our trainers have outstanding experiences in their fields. They come from diverse and complementary backgrounds, an essential asset to help you better understand the problems, and find solutions by choosing the necessary geophysical methods.  GeoEXplo consultants are chosen among the most qualified.

The content of each training are elaborated in a way that effectively responds to the interest and needs of  clients & participants.

The training consists of fundamental theoretical courses, practical exercises, demonstrations of applications and continuous evaluation.

A training guide is provided to each participant, in both paper and digital format.